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  •   Organize unqualified lead data
      Provide an open leads pool for sales team
      Measure cold call activities
      Learn the #1 opening script for a cold call
      Learn the #1 proven script for rejection
      Create your own branching scripts to train new sales reps
      Eliminate reps calling the same lead
      Eliminate reps calling previously disqualified leads
      Real-time activity quota measurement and user ranking
      Contact research

  •   Increase new customer conversions
      Organize the qualified lead data
      Leverage a proven freight sales system
      Measure follow-up activities
      Measure opportunities in the sales funnel
      Increase the capacity of sales reps
      Improve the productivity of sales reps
      Increase the volume of contact touches
      Standardize your marketing message
      Eliminate the dropping of cold leads
      Hot lead alert emails to reps
      Automate the follow-up of qualified leads
      Automate 85% of a sales reps repetitive clerical tasks
      Track email opens
      Track email clicks
      Track website visits
      Protect data from export
      Automate sending of holiday emails
      Control the data each user can see and edit
      Create trackable email quote templates
      AI Integration to generate email drafts
      Robust reporting

  •   Systemize new customer engagement
      Automatically send customer satisfaction surveys
      Automatically send marketing surveys
      Measure customer maintenance activities of users
      Ensure customers dont fall through the cracks
      Assign activities to CSRs or other team members
      E-signature credit application forms
      Automate back office repetitive tasks
      Market unused service modes to existing customers
      Visualize granular customer data
      Receive system reports summarizing all user activities
      Provide a ticketing system to Customer Service
      Project management system for intricate processes
      Real-time dashboards
      Activity quota measurement
      Sales quota measurement
      Opportunity won / loss reasoning tracking
      Opportunity based forecasting
      SMS and Text
      Click to call
      Event management
      Calendar sync
      Email sync
      Online calendar booking

  •   Single integrated system of multiple marketing tools
      Host unlimited # of websites
      Website builder
      Landing page builder
      Email Builder
      Email Templates
      Email tracking
      Unlimited signup forms
      Campaign management
      A/B testing
      Campaign Optimizer
      Brand Monitor
      Affiliate management
      Responsive email builder
      AI Integration for content creation
      Granular tracking of content
      Unlimited surveys and polls
      Hot & cold lead alerts
      Lead scoring with automation
      Dynamic placeholders
      Dynamic links
      Email broadcasting
      Event check in scanning
      Workflow automation
      Drip campaigns
      Journey Automation
      Unlimited Custom User Fields

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