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    After you submit this form, you will need to perform the following for your application to be sent. 


    1) Open our email with the subject "Confirmation of request to join group" and click the "Confirm this request" button. We send this to ensure that you are the actual applicant. **If you do not receive the email within 5 minutes of submitting the form, please check your spam or trash folders.**


    2) After you click the "Confirm This Request" button, we will send an email with the subject "Please review and e-sign your job application". It may take up to 15 minutes for this email to arrive. When you receive the email, please click the "Access your document" button. This will open your job application. Please carefully review the content and e-sign if you wish to proceed. 


    3) After you e-sign the application, our team will review your application and will get in touch with you in the near future.


    Thank you for your interest in Brighter Logistics. Have a great day!


    The Brighter Team

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